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Why Stephen Curry Never Should Have Been NBA Champion — NBA & Basketball — Medium

Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors won the NBA Championships last week. Here’s why Steph never should have earned such an award....

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What It's Like to Raise Tens of Millions of Dollars and Lose It All

The real reasons why successful companies don't always make it....

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Is a College Degree Worth It in 2016?

You might be more successful if you drop out of college......

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How I got James Altucher, Tim Ferriss and Pat Flynn to Be My Mentors

Having mentors is a game changer. People can confuse “mentors” to mean learning from some old guy who speaks only in proverbs. Mentors can be anyone who has been in similar shoes before, gained experience, and can help you on your journey....

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How Volunteering Helped Me Connect and Get Hired for 3 Jobs

After volunteering for two years at different events, many doors have opened for a broke young entrepreneur like me. Mostly through serendipity. Here's how you can start volunteering to make connections...

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The Five Minute journal that made Tim Ferriss 100% happier

Tim Ferriss loves this... and we do to. It will change your life....

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Freelancers Will Make Up 40% Of The Workforce and Here's What The Future Will Look Like

Just imagine a world where half of your co-workers are not even in the office....

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If You Want To Get To The Top, Stop Working Harder

Why working hard and moving up the ranks is no longer the best strategy to advance your career...

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Don’t Pressure Our Next Generation To Learn How To Code

“We don’t code just to put lines on a screen. We code to solve fundamental problems”...

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Study Shows That You're More Likely to Succeed as an Entrepreneur If You Keep Your Day Job

Statistics explain why you’ll have a higher chance of failure if you quit your job to start a business. Here’s why....

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Why Millennial Misfits Will Take Over the World - Degreed

Instead of focusing their time going through life’s motions, millennial misfits have developed an intrinsic motivation to be the progressive leaders of our generation. But why?...


Mark Cuckerberg — Profile — Medium

The profile of Mark Cuckerberg...


HackingEDU — Profile — Medium

The profile of HackingEDU...

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Perri Blake Gorman — Profile — Medium

The profile of Perri Blake Gorman...

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Two Men, Two Legs, Too Much Suffering — War Is Boring

America’s forgotten Vietnamese victims...