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Nas’ Investment Portfolio Is Straight Nasty

The rapper's invested in over 100 companies including many of the apps on your home screen....

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What you can learn from our business f*ck ups

TheHustle.co co-founders Sam Parr and John Havel talk about how they created a media company without coding backgrounds....

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Is a College Degree Worth It in 2016?

You might be more successful if you drop out of college......

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The Five Minute journal that made Tim Ferriss 100% happier

Tim Ferriss loves this... and we do to. It will change your life....

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Learn From the Entrepreneur Who Started Two $100 Million Dollar Businesses

Serial entrepreneur Jack Smith shares his advice for aspiring founders and his personal take on startups today....

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This Website Simulates What It Feels Like to Read With Dyslexia

Is’t mcuh hrdear tahn yuo mhigt tinhk....


Facebook and Twitter Both Rejected the Founder of WhatsApp

Don't give up. You never know when you might get acquired for $19B....

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Every Aspect of Your Life Is Controlled by Only a Handful of Companies

Conglomerates control how you eat, drink, watch, read, manage money, date, and drive. Wow....

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NBA Stars Who Became Successful Entrepreneurs and Investors

While some pro athletes go broke after retirement, these veterans spent their money wisely and made huge profits....


9 Entrepreneurs Who Immigrated to the U.S. And Started Billion Dollar Companies

These founders came to a new country with almost nothing and achieved the ultimate American dream....

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26-Year-Old Quits Her Job to Pursue Snapchat Full-Time and Makes up to $30,000 per Snap Story

Cyrene Quiamco used to draw celebrities and now she’s getting paid to hang out with them....

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What It's Like to Raise Tens of Millions of Dollars and Lose It All

The real reasons why successful companies don't always make it....

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Why Stephen Curry Never Should Have Been NBA Champion — NBA & Basketball — Medium

Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors won the NBA Championships last week. Here’s why Steph never should have earned such an award....


What internships should I do this summer to land a job as a business analyst, product developer, data analyst, or corporate sales? Whom t...

Answer: Before you begin our internship search, you need to focus on what you want. It seems like you are curious about different positions, let's get more clarity. Now I know what you’re thinking… “Tam, I don’t care what internship position I get. I just want something under my belt...


What are the best majors that prepare you for a decent job for the next 20 years?

Answer (1 of 5): If your goal is to live the next 20 years of your life with a "decent job", then I would argue you have very low standards for yourself. Let me (kindly) inform you on a few things about future careers: 1) We do not even know...